PressRoom is now modular and easier

PressRoom has just been updated to version 1.2. It has been a long journey from the beta tests we made with publishers, and we’re now ready to announce that our WordPress publishing system is more modular, extensible and cheap than before.

PressRoom isn’t split in the free community version and the PRO version anymore. We now have a free WordPress plugin that allows to launch a new publishing platform quicker, and then expand the core features with addons and themes to make every user case easier and faster.

Expanding the core features

Themes can be developed starting from the boilerplate Starterr free theme, which is available under the Theme section from the WordPress menu. We are now developing premium themes that will enable publishers to release web editions and iOS Apps with no technical knowledge, and at the same time take advantage of professionally designed responsive templates on all the output channels.

Designers can still upload custom made themes, built using the WordPress API and the PressRoom API.

Addons now include the Web container exporter, to deliver digital editions on the Web as static HTML files, and an iOS App exporter which is bundled with an iOS App build.

Roadmap updates

Our roadmap has been updated with new exciting features and a new business proposition.

Later this year we will make available our webApp exporter with offline reading capabilities, leading the transition from App stores to digital editions on the Web.

PressRoom will also be available as SAAS. It will be a one click publishing solution based on WordPress, that will allow everyone to start a multi channel digital strategy including subscriptions, multiple paywalls and mobile commerce capabilities on a hosted platform.