Why, PressRoom

Every product is created to solve a problem, and publishing has got many challenges to face today; we believe that we can have a mission to help solve some of them.

We released two digital publishing platforms for daily newspapers [il manifesto iOS] [Mia – Il Fatto Quotidiano iOS], after conceiving the vision of a multi-channel publishing strategy; we lived and breathed publishing and its efforts. Journalism and storytelling need to make the Web work for them, not against them.

Then we started building PressRoom, with the focus on making the Web work for publishing. We want to carefully shape a publishing platform with four unique aims:

  1. experimenting with new business models and still optimize legacy revenue sources
  2. help the editorial team to evolve toward an editorial process where structured content is delivered to the audience across multiple channels and multiple reading habits, all from one central source
  3. gain a greater, unprecedented understanding of the “customer” and his habits
  4. having an agile approach to conceiving and launching new editorial products

Why are we building a publishing platform based on WordPress?

WordPress is

  • used by millions of peoples for publishing purposes
  • modular, flexible and constantly developed
  • easy to use and well known by most editorial teams
  • supported by a strong community

Two unique concepts

Everything is structured around the concept of Editorial Projects.
Editorial Projects are containers for an unlimited number of issues, which in turn are containers for any kind of content that you can manage in WordPress.

The agile approach to quickly build a concept for a digital product can so be leveraged better having a single repository for structured content.

The repository and the content editing capabilities in WordPress will then enable the release to multiple channels at once.

Supporting multiple output channels from a single source is the real driving feature to enable a proper publishing strategy today. Newsroom and editorial workflow costs are generally higher than the initial development costs to tailor the tools. Multiplying devices and screen sizes, as well as more frequent operating system updated, are making page based design with traditional tools such as Indesign way too expensive and inefficient.

PressRoom is for many

We have seen a growing scene of independent publishers launching or growing their editorial products in a smart and agile process. Many of them are making the scene much wider, with more little publishing houses gaining traction and growing an audience at the expenses of mainstream media.

PressRoom is made with this in mind; the availability of a easy to use platform, together with web, app and print output capabilities, can make the multi-channel approach really viable for publishing startups too.

We support the raising strategy of having the Web to work for the day to day publishing and to enhance reach; mobile Apps to hit the stores with paid-for products while providing a curated, beautifully crafted printed edition on selected book stores. PressRoom can enable such an effort while keeping the overhead low.

Established publishers and newspaper can still find in enterprise programs replies to custom features and integration requests.

Keeping the content safe in a structured container – with potential APIs to obtain more from the editorial workflow – is for everyone.

Get involved

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  • Marcos Rodríguez

    Ready to know how Press Room works. Some months ago some friends commented that websites were dead, that they need a new vision. This could be the way. I am always looking for new paths of publishing. The first magazine I did was eight sheets stapled by me, many, many years ago.