Test your digital edition on the iOS App

The PressRoom iOS client is ready to test your issues on actual devices. It has been just submitted to be released on the AppStore so that getting it is super easy and quick, but it is already available by signing up with your email address at https://betas.to/dPPWzSnE

How to start building digital editions with PressRoom

It is very easy and quick to start building digital editions with WordPress and PressRoom. Testing is totally free and will let you experiment with different kind of content and different layouts on actual iOS devices. When you’re ready to publish your digital edition, you’ll need to get a license for the iOS App add-on which is currently $149/monthly with no minimum commitment or long term agreements.

Step by step guide

  1. Install PressRoom from your WordPress site. Just search for PressRoom in the add plugin tab, or download here
  2. Build your first editorial project and your first issue using the free Starterr theme. It can also be used as a starting point to develop your own theme.
  3. Get the iOS App exporter free for 30 days and add it as a WordPress plugin
  4. Get the iOS App by signing up or just wait for it to be release on the AppStore. Search for PressRoom on your iPad or iPhone

Support and questions

If you have any question on PressRoom, or you need help to build your first digital edition with it, just head to our community forum. We’ll be happy to help!