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Publishing freedom for the modern storyteller.

For centuries, publishing has been the domain of the powerful and the well-funded — not you and me. But in the last few years, this has completely changed.

Anyone with a story to tell can create a website, write an article and join the marketplace of ideas. More and more independent publishers are delivering valuable content through magazines, blogs and ebooks. They are smart and agile. They are the modern storytellers. But in many ways, the deck is still stacked against them. Publishing to multiple platforms is complicated and expensive. Right now, only the most tech-savvy and deep-pocketed can realize the full value of their products. In other words, there’s no easy way to turn WordPress content into iOS, mini-websites, ebooks and print publications at the same time, or to package that content into special editions. Well, there didn’t used to be an easy way.

Introducing… PressRoom.

PressRoom is a WordPress plugin that frees publishers to focus on their content. It allows them to publish to iOS, the Web and even to plain old paper — all at the same time and from within a single WordPress site. That means small- and mid-size publishers can experiment with new business models, engage readers with diverse reading habits, and gain a better understanding of the audience, to meet them wherever they are. Readers benefit from a beautiful, uninterrupted reading experience.

Here’s how it works

Multiple editorial projects

Let’s say you have an online magazine called Environment that covers various environmental topics. You have a lot of articles on your site, and you want to package them into a monthly issue that can be sold on Apple’s Newsstand. PressRoom integrates seamlessly with your WordPress content management system, allowing you to create and customize an Editorial Project — in this case, Environment magazine — and multiple issues.

Publishing an issue is as easy as choosing the content (articles, photo galleries, advertisements, etc.) and pressing send. An Editorial Project can feed unlimited iOS apps. You’ll be able to define your product as paid or free, set and manage your Apple Newsstand subscriptions and single issue sales. But maybe you want to further monetize your content by pulling together stories about climate change and publishing a special issue called Environment: Our Changing Climate. Easy. Just create a new Editorial Project. You can customize it to have a unique user experience or design.

Who is PressRoom for?

Pressroom is perfect for indie publishers and bloggers with a large following who are seeking an innovative monetization tool. It is also great for corporate brands and even retailers; PressRoom enables in-app e-commerce, straight from your catalogue or content marketing. But most importantly, PressRoom is for readers. PressRoom provides a clean and uninterrupted reading experience that focus on storytelling.

With PressRoom, publishers can get back to focusing on their editorial product, and readers will enjoy a beautiful reading experience, on any platform and on any device.

When you get PressRoom PRO, you get:

  • Unlimited Editorial Projects
  • Unlimited Issues and Apps
  • iTunes subscriptions management for Baker Framework
  • In-App purchases management for Baker Framework
  • Adobe DPS PRO and Enterprise edition batch exporter
  • Professional themes for a beautiful reading experience
  • Full-page advertisements Custom HTML content
  • Art Directed pages built with HTML
  • Responsive web preview tool, to see what your content will look like on any device
  • Custom Baker Framework iOS native client features: social sharing, edition updating and custom subscription systems integration
  • Web export (to ftp and sftp servers or as a download)
  • Statistics and metrics for sales
  • Priority support
  • Documentation & Tutorials
  • Help forum and community

Multiple editorial projects

An Editorial Project is made of one or more Editions, and Editions comprise any kind of content you can manage in WordPress. Users can define export settings and distribution settings for each Editorial Project, together with any settings necessary for iTunes distribution.

Multiple Issues

At its core, PressRoom enables publishers to manage collections of data (articles, pages, custom post types, media, advertisements) and package them to static files — like the HPUB you need for Baker Framework iOS Apps.

With PressRoom, publishers can get back to focusing on their editorial product, and readers will enjoy a beautiful reading experience, on any platform and on any device.

Any kind of content

You’re not restricted by any kind of content structure because PressRoom is flexible and highly customizable. You can also take advantage of the next-generation responsive web design tools like Tumult Hype, WebFlow, Macaw and Adobe Edge Reflow to create your art-dominated pages or advertising. Just create a mini-site and ZIP it to be published along with the article pages. (If you have no idea what we’re talking about, don’t worry! That’s what we’re here for!)

Get involved

We really need your contribution! Journalists, storytellers, publishers of any size willing to have a part on our project are welcome. We released an open source version of PressRoom at and we also have a community

We will fine tune the roadmap together with you.

Who we are

PressRoom was developed by thePrintLabs Ltd., a UK-based digital publishing Company.

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