iOS App digital magazine quick start

PressRoom enables everyone with a WordPress website to release digital magazines on iOS Apps, by simply collecting articles and custom HTML pages into issues that will be packaged and pushed to the iOS App.

We have put together three quick start guides to let you go from your WordPress site to an iOS digital magazine in less than 10 minutes.

The PressRoom WordPress plugin is free and community supported. It also includes the starteer theme to let you experiment with content and build your custom theme from the boilerplate.

The iOS App add-on is a paid module on a monthly recurring base. You can test it out for free for 30 days, just head for the add-on panel in your WordPress site with PressRoom enabled, and you’ll be able to quickly register and test it out for 30 days. License then start from $99 per month, and it includes one iOS App build and the support to release on the AppStore.

Step one: Install PressRoom

Step two: Create an Issue

Step three: test your issue on the iOS App

Ready to test it out?

When you’re ready to test the issue you have created on your WordPress site, just register here to receive the iOS App for testing. You’ll need to purchase an iOS App license to go live and publish on the AppStore.

If you need special assistance or you’re looking for a custom project, just get in touch via our 2 minutes form.