Frontend integration & Static Generator

PressRoom collects content into issues, ensuring a fast way to create navigation hierarchies between content that belongs to the same issue.

While issues are primarly intended as periodical collections of contents, they can also be used to collect content to build a style guide, a documentation, a microsite, a landing page, a blog and so on. Furthermore PressRoom can build, distribute and maintain all of this different collections at the same time.

Since all the contents are managed from within a single WordPress site, the WordPress frontend will be able to display them as well.

PressRoom and WordPress themes

PressRoom themes are a special extended kind of WordPress theme, used to generate a static output. Statically generated contents can be published as a standalone site via ftp/sftp, feed the PressRoom iOS client, feed an Adobe DPS App or be published as a javascript based offline Web App.

On the other hand Wordpress themes can still be used to dinamically display issues on your WordPress frontend. PressRoom comes with a default, extendable set of shortcodes that can be used in any WordPress article or page to quickly display a list of issues and/or contents from each issue.

The WP Starteer theme can also be used to quickly start a magazine style publication front-end with WordPress *coming soon.

Latterly Magazine is a great example of PressRoom usage to create both the Web frontend with a custom WordPress theme, while feeding an iOS App that displays digital editions enabling sales of both subscriptions and single issues.

Visual Authoring tools

Template based pages and articles in WordPress can be easily backed by art directed pages built with HTML. Visual tools like Macaw, Hype or Adobe Edge can be also leveraged to smoothly transition from a visual-based, print workflow (i.e. Indesign), to responsive HTML page design.

PressRoom is designed to let publishers focus and experiment with digital editions and business models. Build and distribute HTML based editions to iOS Apps, Web Sites and Web Apps.