Adobe DPS exporter for PressRoom PRO

Based on the idea that – WordPress managed – structured content is the best approach to publish HTML pages on multiple outputs and screen sizes, PressRoom is growing adding the Adobe DPS exporter to PressRoom PRO.

Among the features in our roadmap, the Adobe DPS exporter is the most straightforward tool to let publishers transition from a print workflow to a digital first one.

PressRoom lets publishers collect any kind of content in WordPress, and create multiple projects and issues, that could be exported on several channels at once. The currently supported outputs, that today include Baker Framework iOS Apps and Web containers, expand to support enterprise grade Adobe DPS mobile clients.

Any kind of content in WordPress – like Articles, Pages, Custom Post Types – can be exported as static HTML files and assets, and be uploaded as a single article or as a sidecar.xml multiple article batch to the DPS folio builder.

Article properties and metadata like Title, Kicker, Description, Scrolling property, etc., can all be set on PressRoom to speedup the process and create the sidecar.xml. An file, including all the static assets required, like JS files, Fonts and CSS, will be generated to be uploaded once and thus reducing the Folio size.

Indesign art directed pages, and template based WordPress articles, can now seamless work in the same Folio. Professional grade, multiple article templates can be easily built using the WordPress API, and leverage the HTML5 capabilities and responsive design techniques for native Apps content delivery.

The transition to a digital first workflow will be greatly simplified by mixing Indesign and HTML pages.

Template based HTML files creation with PressRoom will also reduce the production overhead cost, thus making multiple screen size support – like the iPhone screen size ratios – quicker and easier.

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  • Pieter

    Is this only available in the Pro version or will this appear in the opensource version as well?

    • killer1loop

      This is a PRO feature for publishers running digital editions with the Adobe DPS Pro and Enterprise edition. The community supported version of PressRoom could still publish to iOS Apps with the open source Baker Framework based clients